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  Edmond Dantes Premium Co. (@edpremiumco) is a Premium Lifestyle Apparel & Accessories Brand carrying the message of “Strength, Honor, & Respect”. Proudly made for, and worn by those who have endured, and persevered thru life’s winding roads, yet stayed on course.

Revelation 2:3 "You have persevered and have endured hardships….and have not grown weary."
 Having been raised by a single Mother, who (IMO) dispelled the myth that "A Woman can't raise a Man"...She instilled in me certain principles, values, and knowledge.

 Among those things was something that I realized far after my childhood years..."STRENGTH". After becoming an adult myself, and having endured many of the ups, downs, bumps, bruises, twist, and turns, on life's road, I realized just how strong this woman was, having raised my siblings and I, on her own...let alone dealing with the curve balls and challenges any person, with or without children, encounter in life. We all know, no matter how good life is, gets, or can be...those challenges do always seem to come. I had to ask her once I was older...how'd you do it, without me ever seeing you break a sweat? Her answer..."It was my job, to not ever let ya'll see me sweat".

 Another thing...maybe the first thing I can remember her constantly...religiously, pounding into my head was..."A man is nothing, without his word". That was something she would let me know, explain to me, and explain to me why...every chance she got, and in any instance she felt she needed to. That embedded a deep sense of "HONOR" in me.

 And then there's the one that not only needs to be within you, but needs to be within those you surround yourself with, those you surround...and just about any and all persons you encounter in this thing called life..."RESPECT". She'd always say..."Respect everyone equally. I don't care if it's the janitor, or the owner. Respect everybody the same". Now understand... she was fully aware of the world in which she was raising her child(ren)...so that one came with a condition, a caveat if you will, which was..."As long as they are respecting you". Moms ain't never not been a realist...lol, and certainly didn't fail in raise one.

 Another very important thing I learned from my Mom, and others to whom I attribute the person I am...was the value, and importance...of hard work. And how when accompanied with focus, dedication, and determination...anything, can be accomplished...you will persevere.